Movie Players

If you need to find a codec and/or video player, this section will guide you one what's needed to play the movies on this site.

DivX -

A very popular codec to play movies encoded MPEG-4 format. This site also includes a program to play the videos.

Quicktime -

The new generation of HD video is out, and Quicktime not only allows you to play HD video, you can create them (professional version). If all you need is to play files in Quicktime format (mov, mp4, etc), please get this player.

Real -

Able to play Real Video, Real Audio, MPG, MPEG, and MOV files. Honestly, once you download it, you might have to let it "download components" to support MOV and MPG/MPEG files. Other than that, this is an excellent movie player. A basic (not Pro/Plus edition) player is enough to play the movies, and the player is free.