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Ever wrote a story want want to share it to the world? In here, you'll find stories written by fans for fans. The stories are arranged alphabetically by the author's name.

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Author: Aria

Hi There

Author: Jonathan James Shearman

Night of the Tomahawk

    The plot involves Dr Wily’s son, who he addresses as Wily 2, and he plots to take over the world after it has been destroyed by nuclear havoc from Wily Incorporated. It takes place in 400xx, and only two percent of the world’s population is left; Wily 2's conquest will be very scarce.
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Thunderous Blue Poem

Author: Miranda (Zero Armageddon)
Website: Fantastic Duo: Zero and X

Mega Man X: Strange Destiny

    It hasn't been long sonce X was discovered by Dr. Cain. Sigma brings in another Maverick, yet he isn't what he seems. Ultimately, X becomes friends with Zero, and they are both introduced into the Maverick Hunters. Finally, Sigma goes Maverick, beginning the battle to save the humans from him.
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Author: Roed, Sam

The Ryo-Ohki Saga

In The Cold, Two Hearts Find Warmth

    Tenchi finally realizes what his heart has known all along.
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Author: theWallflower
Website: Final Fantasy Compendium



    Fantasy meets future in this epic adventure. Mega Man and Link cross dimensions and find themselves partnered up as strangers in a strange land. Can the two stop fighting with each other and work as a team long enough to defeat the threat looming over both worlds?
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