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In here, you'll find links to varies web sites. This version of my links section is graphic base; please give it some time for the graphics to load. If you want to submit you site's link, please visit my Submit Link page. If you want to link to me, please visit my Link to me page.

- Elysium Art Page

Fan Art of Megaman X and Zero, doujinshis and more stupid stuff! xD

- Enker's Tale

Sigma has been defeated, and in the aftermath Zero has gone into stasis until such time as his connection to the virus can be decoded. However in his absence things are going to hell - Mavericks are spewing crime and violence throughout the city, and Megaman X is unable to cope with the loss of his best friend. Things are falling apart and if the Hunters don't rally soon then it could spell the end for everyone. Into this city of rage and despaire comes a figure from the past, the last relic of a time long forgotten. Could he be the one thing that can turn the tide of battle, or will he doom them all?

An original Megaman X webcomic. Hand drawn and regularly updated, with a growing fanbase and regular readers.


An online webcomic created by Phil. Other artists are welcome to join the site.

Megaman 3: Mechanical Maniacs

A site where the robot masters of Megaman three have teamed up to fight evil and crime that directly affect them! Has plenty of fan fictic, images, and never-before seen information.

- Mega Man Flash

A hilarious Mega Man site with movies done in flash.

Mega Man's Lab

A rapidly growing Mega Man site.


Animated Mega Man X series made by me, but not with flash or any sounds.

The Official Peanuts Page

This is the comic strip that touched everyone's heart. Not only was this comic out for almost 50 years, but it was also the most successful. We'll all miss you, Charlie Brown, and especially "Sparky". ;_;

- Princess of Power

A She-Ra-Princess of Power fan/information site.

Reploids Among Us

An online choose-your-own-adventure! Play the role of a human living in the 22nd century, trying to co-exist with the intelligent machines called Reploids. Based on the Mega Man X video game series by Capcom.

Search Man X's Jungle Hideout

Lots of different Rockman/Mega Man related stuff: fanart, humor, images, and Rockman previews.

Shiny Entertainment

The coolest company that makes some of the wackiest games you'll ever set eyes on, such as Earthworm Jim, MDK, Wild 9, Enter the Matrix, etc. Their web page is set to be one of the best I've ever seen. The page is Flash enhanced, and it's a must see web page!

Sluggy Freelance

My good friend, Terra, introduced me to this comic. This is rather new, considering how long its been out but a good one nonetheless. If you like dark humor mixed with up to date technology, this is a must see!

- Soldjermon's Digital Megaman World

welcome to Digital Megaman World! Hope you have fun at Digital MM World! it has comics, art, sprites, custom sprites, magna, pics, animations, and a forum too!

- Stage Select

A twisted hand drawn Mega Man web comic by Iris. Only this time, it's not all about Mega Man, but the Robot Masters of the series. Please take a look.

- Stardroids

A brillant, hand drawn web comics that will make your day. These hilarious web comics had me (and still) laughing since 1999.

Team of Navis Elite

Well, it's a forum and a Create-A-Navi site that allows you to create your own unique Navi (no Forte/Blues clones) and battle. You can join either light or dark, so the outcome can go either way!

The Totally, Utterly, Overlooked Roll

Roll deserves recognition! I think it's about time Roll got attention!

Twinkling Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon. =P (This is my sister's page) See pages about me, characters, the story, fan art, awards, links, contact me, forum and more coming soon! Don't forget to sign the guestbook! =)


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