Thanks to special people

I like to make thanks to the people that helped me and that they're always there.


for being a great friend, as well as a terrific partner in the Rock Man scanlation project. We were hoping to see the scanlation of the manga, and looks like our dream is now a reality. AyameZero isn't just a translator; she's also my friend.


for his friendship and understanding. He and I have a lot in common, including our interest in science. We're fans of anime. Because of him, he encouraged me into writing fanfic.

Dr. Cain

for his friendship and for helping me getting my mangas translated. He has some interest that are common to mine, including The Legend of Zelda.


for her friendship and understanding. She's been a great friend to me for years now. We've kept in touch when she went to the navy, and now she's getting her degreee in Computer Science. Best of luck on your journey of college life.


for her friendship and common interest. She and I not only like Rock Man X, but also Dragon Ball Z. She also got Rock Man X2 Vol 1 translated. Way a go, Wave!


for her friendship and zaniness. She and I are big fans of Mega Man, Transformers, and various anime series. I've meet her through Prodigy. She's also a talanted and creative artist. Please take a look at her Mega Man web comics at

Search Man X

for his friendship and understanding. He and I are also Mega Man, anime, and Transformers fans. We both collect Rock Man X figurines.