Image Gallery

Welcome to my image gallery. In here, you'll find image galleries of your favorite character(s) or group images of them. This section has been divided to into varies sections according to the game itself.

Mega Man X/Rock Man X

Mega Man X
In this future, a new generation of robots is born: reploids. Reploids, unlike their ancestors, have a will of their own. Free to choose their path of life, reploids can choose to be part of humanís society or destroy it. When a reploid break the first law of robotics, a robot must never harm a human being, it is labeled as a "Maverick". An organization is form to fight against the Mavericks, and they are the Maverick Hunters. Among them, a new champion joins their rank: Mega Man X.

Set far into the future, Mega Man X takes place after the Mega Man story line. With new enemies and challenges, Mega Man X faces a dark future.

Mega Man Legends/Rock Man Dash

Rock Man Dash
JapanThis series takes place thousands of years after the X series. In this series, Rock Man is a "digger" and the world he lives in is mostly covered by water. To survive in this world, diggers must investigate ruins and collect zenny (their currency) and refractors (used as an energy source). Rock Man faces pirates and mysteries of his past.