Rock Man X7 Movie Archive

Welcome to my Rock Man X7 movie section. This is the first Rock Man X series for the Sony Playstation 2! I was able to get my hands on it when it first came out since I was excited of the new installment. However, Capcom didn't implement the game correctly, and it truly wasn't that enjoyable. If they did the same effort on the Dash/Legend series, the game might had done better. That's just my opinion.

Rock Man X7: Opening

Afters all this wait, it's finally here. Rock Man X7 is out for the PS2, and I'm glad I was able to make this!

Rock Man X7: Story Opening

This is the opening story of the game. Axel makes his hunt before leaving Red Alert. For those of you that might find Axel's voice familiar, it's Uzumaki Naruto from the popular shinobi manga/anime, Naruto.

Rock Man X7: Ending

Ending of Rock Man X7. Download if you're into spoilers.