Rock Man X4 Movie Archive

Welcome to my Rock Man X4 movie section. All of these movies are from Rock Man X4 for the Sega Saturn. The game is very difficult to find, and I bought it when it first came out.

Rock Man X4: Opening

What a great intro! It shows all the major character of the game in this video. The music is very nice (I like it far better than the US version), and the animation of the characters are neat!

Rock Man X4: Zero's Creator

This finally answers who created Zero, but leaves a question of why. Personally, I like Dr. Wily's voice better than the US version.

Rock Man X4: Dark Meeting

A dark figure (take a guess who) meets up with General. He wants to use General's army to destroy the Irregular Hunters (Maverick Hunters in the US version), but General doesn't want to betray the humans. General's voice is right on the money, but the US version is way off!

Rock Man X4: Double's Betrayal

This one reveals a secret about Double. I won't reveal much since I don't want to spoil it, but all I can say is that you're in for a shock!

Rock Man X4: Death of Iris

I received a lot of requests about this one. Everyone seen the US verison, so it would make this collection more complete by adding the Japanese version. In here, Iris is dying and Zero hurries to check out her condition. Some of you might find this scene sad since Zero nearly breaks down into tears, or relieved about the fate of Iris. ;-)

Rock Man X4: Zero vs Sigma

This is one the best fighting scenes yet. This one is about Sigma fighting Zero. This video reveals a little secret of Zero, and we all know what the trademark "W" is. ;-)

Rock Man X4: X's Ending

Finally, a good movie to hear Rock Man X's voice (other than the brief talk in the movie above). In here, he actually sounds like a guy. In fact, the voice actually fits him! Again, I won't say much to spoil the ending.

Rock Man X4: Zero's Ending

The Japanese version of Zero's ending. If you haven't seen the US version, then you won't understand what's going on, unless you know Japanese. Again, I won't say much to spoil the ending.